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About Buzzword Global Services

We incorporate the latest research and developments pertaining to HR management for the benefit of our clients. Thus, our clients gain a competitive edge in the industry. Our ultimate objective is to present Buzzword as the most efficient, flexible and affordable HR partner.

With a constantly expanding strong clientage, Buzzword aims to expand its national and global network and invest in people, technology, systems and quality to meet the ever- increasing requirements of its clients. Read More…



  • Domestic Recruitment
  • International Recruitment
  • Contractual Staffing
  • CXO hiring
  • Campus Hiring


  • Identification of best resources
  • Behavioral Tests
  • Psychometric tests
  • Technical Tests
  • Soft Skill Tests


  • Soft Skills Training
  • Technical Training
  • First Time Managers Training
  • Leadership Training

Hiring Workflow

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Workflow Efficiency

At Buzzword Global, we are committed to excellence in recruitment, responsiveness, and delivering exceptional results to our valued clients. Our focus on building lasting partnerships and sourcing top-tier talent sets us apart as a trusted recruitment firm in the industry.

Our streamlined hiring process minimizes delays and ensures smooth coordination at every step. We use advanced tools to manage the recruitment workflow efficiently.

Recruitment KPIs (Key Performance Indicators):  

To continuously improve our services, we track and measure various recruitment KPIs, including:

The average time it takes to fill a position from the initiation of the search to candidate acceptance.

Evaluation of the suitability and alignment of shortlisted candidates with the client’s requirements.

Feedback received from candidates about their experience with our recruitment process.

Feedback and ratings provided by clients regarding the overall quality of our services.

Our Clients